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Hi My name is Amy. I'm 23 & from Glasgow, Scotland

I'm a proud echelon and a massive Shannon Leto fan lover ;)


My blog can be 18+, NSFW and I support LGBT rights


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My blog is mainly based on my favourite band, Thirty Seconds To Mars... as you can probably tell. I like various amount of other things, so If you like my blog click that little FOLLOW button up the top there <3.


I'm also a We The Kings, Blitz Kids & Mallory Knox fan.. in love with their music <3.

I watch tv shows like: criminal minds, torchwood, doctor who, friends, revolution, rookie blue, masters of sex etc.


I can't stop watching youtubers:

Tyler Oakley, Danny Duncan, Travis Clark, CTFxC, Alli Speed, Lesbian Love, Bria and Chrissy, Mr Ben Brown, KateInRealLife, ladiedottie, shaytards & bubzvlogz.


I write fan-fiction based on a girl called Ria and the dummer from 30stm called Shannon Leto. You can follow the story via the hyperlink(s) above.

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